A few words to our patients about the pandemic

COVID-19 is real. Its complications are real. People and families suffer, our health system is under stress, and our economy is under strain.

There is a lot of misinformation out there, and bad information gets in the way of our collective recovery.

Every nation is dealing with this. This problem is not unique to the United States. Like pandemics of the past (plague, smallpox, cholera, measles, pandemic flu, etc.), this is a problem for humanity. The difference now is that we have the tools to do something more than just isolate and wait:

If you care about...YOURSELF

Don't get COVID. The acute illness can make you miserable, and it can lead to hospitalization, long-term complications, and death (10x the death rate of seasonal flu). Protect yourself from all of this: VACCINATE


If you care about...LOVED ONES AND FRIENDS

Don't be the one who gives them COVID. VACCINATE yourself, and encourage them to do so too.

We now know that even vaccinated folks can occasionally develop mild illness which is contagious to others. It is usually mild and can look like a cold or allergies, so WEAR A MASK in crowds.

Finally, if you develop symptoms, GET TESTED, and if positive, ISOLATE.


If you care about...YOUR COMMUNITY (including schools and small businesses)

No raindrop in a flood ever feels responsible.
We won't get out of this mess unless we each do our part. This means you, too.
Mandatory quarantine and stay-at-home orders could be imposed again if disease levels increase too much. The best way to keep disease levels low is to VACCINATE and WEAR A MASK in crowds.


The doctors at Park Medical Associates support COVID vaccine for all adults.
We and our staff are vaccinated.
We have vaccine in stock for anybody who asks.
Please protect yourself and do your part: VACCINATE!