Our Team

Our Practice Administrator, Su Song, coordinates the various departments at Park Medical to provide each patient with a satisfying visit in an efficient, well-run office. We try to personalize our service and help solve individual problems. 410-583-7138

The role of the Patient Service Coordinators (PSC) is to greet patients and to facilitate the patient-physician encounter. They are your main point of contact with your physician:

Dr. GargChristina Bevans410-583-7144
Dr. JacobsteinBetty Serra, Synthia Dingle410-583-2828
Dr. MolaviTanya Harris410-583-7112
Dr. MolinaroDeidra Mackall410-583-7110
Dr. SavadelDeidra Mackall410-583-7177
Dr. SilvermanBetty Serra, Synthia Dingle410-583-2828
Dr. SimonsonApril Wieczorkowski410-583-7148
Dr. SteinerThomas Corbin410-583-7124
Dr. WeismanBetty Serra, Synthia Dingle410-583-2828

Our Medical Assistants assist our physicians with procedures and other patient care needs. (Spring 2024: Due to staffing shortage, EKGs and vaccines may not be available at all times. Please call before coming to the office).

The Billing Coordinator processes claims efficiently and answers patient billing questions. She can be reached at 410-583-7102.

The Medical Records Coordinator ensures a smooth flow of patient data through the office while maintaining patient privacy. The electronic patient record contains office visit notes, laboratory reports, immunization records, outside consultative notes, x-ray films, telephone calls, prescription refills and more.

The Laboratory Services are available (for established patients only) through Quest labs within our office. You will require orders from your physician.