Our Team

Our Management Team coordinates the various departments at Park Medical to provide each patient with a satisfying visit in an efficient, well-run office. We try to personalize our service, and help solve individual problems.

Sally Finkel, Administrative Director 410-583-7101
Jasmine Herndon, Office Manager 410-583-7138
Lynne Cunningham, Lab Technical Supervisor 410-583-7134
Natasha George, Lab Manager 410-583-7131

Our Medical Assistants, Medical Technologists, and Accessioners all contribute to provide the patient a convenient and comfortable laboratory visit. They draw blood, take EKG's, give vaccines, and provide accurate laboratory information to the physicians for decision making.

The Billing Coordinators process claims efficiently and cheerfully answer patient billing questions. The Billing Coordinators can be reached at 410-583-7102.

The role of the Patient Service Coordinator (PSC) is to greet the patient and do everything she can to facilitate the patient-physician encounter: schedule appointments, respond to telephone calls, facilitate prescriptions, schedule special studies, answer questions, and help in any way possible.

Nancy Armacost
Ashley Blumenthal
Janet Walman
Ebby Bennett
Christina Fike
Janet Walman
Debi Jacobson
Kelly Rogers
Debra Stillwagner
Mary Potrzuski
Lauren Wirth
Kelly Rogers
LaTanya Hall
Maxine Cooper
Christina Fike
Dr. Belitsos
Dr. Byrd
Dr. Hadley
Dr. Magaziner
Dr. Molavi
Dr. Molinaro
Dr. Newman
Dr. Pozefsky
Dr. Pressman
Dr. Savadel
Dr. Seifter
Dr. Shishodia
Dr. Simonson
Dr. Steiner
Dr. Wilkenfeld

Our caring and capable Oncology Nurses administer chemotherapy in a warm and nurturing environment.

The Medical Records Coordinators ensure a smooth flow of patient data through the office while maintaining patient privacy. The electronic patient record contains office visit notes, laboratory reports, immunization records, outside consultative notes, x-ray films, telephone calls, prescription refills and more.

Our Transcriptionists transcribe patient data quickly and efficiently to insure an accurate flow of information back to the Physicians. They often provide special services such as immediate typing of urgently needed reports, preoperative examination or hospital admission notes.