COVID-19 Vaccination
Last updated January 21, 2021

We encourage all of our patients to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccine is being made available in a series of phases, and it is important that everybody be patient and wait until their turn. Please refer to the health department website for more details. This is where we get our information.

We will continually update this page as the situation changes. Please check here for updates before calling our office. Our staff are very busy. Thank you for understanding.


We do not have the COVID-19 vaccine to offer in our office.
 We do not know if or when we will receive it.
 We are not taking reservations for the vaccine at this time.

Note that we will follow state guidelines for distribution, and we kindly ask that you respect these recommendations.


Follow this link for information on Maryland's vaccine priority groups:

Follow this link to find a vaccination clinic near you:

All Maryland counties are now offering vaccine registration to each priority group as permitted. Click through the link of your residence: Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Harford County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, Cecil County, Frederick County. If your county is not listed, just search the internet for your county name plus "covid vaccine."

If you would like to receive your vaccine at any of the Johns Hopkins sites, click here for details:

If you need to register for Johns Hopkins MyChart, click here: We are not able to answer questions about vaccine scheduling and cannot provide MyChart support.


IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS about the vaccine itself, please refer to one or more of these links before you call our office. This is the same information that we will have to offer:

Answers to common questions, from the Maryland department of health FAQs:

CDC information on the vaccine:

Detailed answers to key questions (JAMA):

Maryland department of health vaccine statistics: